A Knowledge Management Portal

Client:                  An Internet Professional Services Consultancy


The company is deploying the Plumtree Corporate Portal in offices in the United States and Europe to support rapid company growth driven by customer demand in the Global 1000 clients. The Plumtree-powered portal assembles market news and

research from the company’s intranet and external subscription services such as Goldman Sachs, Media Metrix and Compariscope in a searchable content directory, giving the company’s consultants a broad perspective on the sprawling Internet economy from a single site. Consultant profiles and qualifications can be searched and best practices for consultants on assignment are also available through the portal.  Plumtree Gadgets allow employees to find industry experts quickly, and collaborate closely to help clients achieve their business goals.

The portal contains a directory of documents from public and secure sites for market research, software analysis, audience measurement and Web advertising tracking; Gadgets for searching a project collaboration database and staffing system; a gadget for subscribing or un-subscribing to threaded discussion forums.